The Way gave birth to Unity:
zero and one generate binary,
and binary is sufficient
to run the ten thousand programs.

Today, the ten thousand programs
are the medium of the creative,
and the instruments of control.
Together, they have the potential
to create harmony.

The world hates the orphaned, the abandoned, and the obscure,
yet sometimes these things may rise to dominate the market.

Sometimes, less is more.
Sometimes, worse is better.

Having learned, one may teach;
the father of my teaching might be:
“He who lives by force will meet an unnatural end”


chapter notes:

I have dropped “three” from the first verse, as an inauspicious number in the new context.

In the second verse, “yin” (the female principle) corresponds to “creative”, “yang” to “control”, and “qi” to “potential”.

The proverb in the last verse corresponds closely to the well-known Christian verse, “he who lives by the sword will die by the sword”, but the religious associations were distracting.