The Way is like /dev/null —
though you use it, it can never be filled.
Such an abyss —
it is like the beginning of all programs.

The Way manages hazardous conditions,
untangles spaghetti code,
harmonizes the user interface,
integrates the applications.

Cavernously deep,
it seems to go on forever.
I do not know whose child it is;
it seems to be the ancestor of the gods.

Again, as mistranslated, this chapter offers perfectly conventional advice, this time reflecting best practices in programming design, rather than in management.

chapter notes:

The /dev/null line is one of the things I’m most proud/ashamed of. For those who are not familiar with Unix, /dev/null is a virtual device file that discards all data written to it, and returns end-of-file when read. As arguably the most literal possible representation of this aspect of the Dao, I could not pass up the opportunity to use it here.